Welcome to Vagamon

Our experiential homestay at Vagamon is located just 3 kilometers from the town of Vagamon and offers guests an idyllic getaway amidst the valleys and lush green hills of Vagamon. The resort gets its name from the majestic silver oak trees that adorn its surroundings, the beauty of which is enhanced when it is bathed in the shimmering moon light. Guests can indulge themselves by taking in the scenic views of the valley from the comfort of their room’s balcony whilst sipping on a cup of coffee. The destination also offers guests to take a small hike around the scenic countryside with its meandering streams and small hills. The homestay offers facilities like TV, internet connectivity and round the clock room service.

There are two types of accommodation that one can choose to stay in at Moon Palace Hill Stay, Vagamon. The first type of accommodation is a 2 bedroom cottage and the other is a deluxe double room. Guests who seek a bit of privacy and exclusiveness can choose to stay at the luxurious two bedroom cottage. If you are budget traveller, then the deluxe double room accommodation is the one for you.

Moon Palace Hill Stay implores you to explore the local culture, cuisine, sights and sounds that are unique to the destination of Vagamon. There are a lot of activities that guests can partake in. Some of these include cycling along the many cycling trails of the nearby countryside, having a merry time around a camp fire as you take in the beauty of the night at Vagamon and a light trek along the hills of Vagamon.

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